Rules for AMG Heritage Awards



Since the Guild is becoming one of the most prestigious awards to possess it has become necessary for us to re-evaluate our awards qualifications so that the industry does not confuse us with lower based awards programs. The Guild is aspiring to higher levels and we will require the same of our nominees. So, here are some changes we are implementing effective immediately.

  1. Call For Entries will begin on Jan 1 and run through Mar 1st with no extensions this year. (Extended due to server issues to Mar 3rd)
  2. The following categories must meet the following criteria:
    1. Song of the Year: Entry must include the name of the song, artist(s) and the writer(s). If that information is not included the entry will be automatically disqualified. The song must have been played on various formats and have proof of sales through CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes or Reverbnation. If the song was on a chart it is at the Guild's discretion as to the legitimacy of said chart. The chart must be legitimate and verifiable. **There are charts that the Guild will disqualify immediately upon submission so please check with us before submitting your chart information.
    2. Album of the Year: Entry must include complete name of the album and performing artist or group. We must be provided with a link to the whole album. We will accept Spotify, ReverbNation, ITunes, Pandora and CD Baby as long as they have the complete album cuts. We will also require to see airplay records and download records to ensure that the album deserves this type of recognition. If the album is being sold on Amazon, ITunes or Cd Baby then these records are easily accessible and will be required.
    3. Video of the Year: Video must be played on various social media outlets and have more than 1000 views unless the video was released close to our cut off dates. In which case the video must have a minimum of 250 hits.
    4. Male/Female Vocalist of the Year: Nominees in this category can no longer be a part of a group unless they have released a solo project outside of that group. Male or female vocalists are to be a solo performer only. Names submitted for these categories who are members of a group will be automatically disqualified from that entry.
    5. Nominees will be notified via their official Facebook pages or websites. We will make every effort to notify you via email if we have been provided with your email address in advance. Artists who are notified of their nomination(s) must purchase their Heritage Awards tickets upon acceptance of the nomination. Due to lack of seating and artists complaining that they did not get seats due to sellout crowds we are forced to seat our nominees immediately. If you do not reserve your tickets upon notification your nomination will be voided. No exceptions.
    6. The Guild will add the category of Songwriter of the Year into our awards show lineup. Songwriter of the year must have a valid recorded piece and it must be registered with the US Copyright Office. The song(s) may be recorded by someone other than the songwriter but only the songwriter will receive the award.

These rules and changes can also be found on the Guild's official website under the artists handbook section.




You do not have to be a member of the Artists Music Guild to submit entries for the Heritage Awards however you will not be able to vote once submissions have been accepted. Only active Guild members will be able to participate in the voting process.
The Call for Entries will allow each voter to nominate up to 10 people in each category. Multiple submissions will be deleted. All submissions will be tracked for quality purposes.
Once you have submitted your Call for Entries ballot you will not be able to change or modify it in any way. The Guild reserves the right to remove or disqualify any entry that is inappropriate or not entered properly into the right category.


You may nominate any artists or groups inside or outside of the Guild.
Artists participating in the Call for Entries process are not permitted to campaign for nominations or votes. Individuals caught participating in such activity will be automatically disqualified from the ballot.


1. The general public, along with Guild members, are allowed to submit their suggestions for artistic Call for Entries.

2. Once the Call for Entries deadline has been met, the submissions will be prepared by the Guild Artistic Board and will be reviewed for eligibility. Eligibility dates are from Jan through the following Jan. If the submission does not meet the Guild’s quality guidelines or standards it will be removed from nomination consideration.

3. Once the Call for Entries are been properly screened, they will be placed into a separate voting format and made available to Guild members only.

4. Once the deadline for voting, on the second round of nominations, has been completed the Guild’s artistic committee will review and place the top ten nominees into a ballot format and submit them to the President of the Guild’s Artistic Review Committee. The names of the top ten nominees will be released to the members of the Guild and the general public.

5. The Guild’s accountants will choose, at random, twenty-six professional members of the Guild to act as a voting committee. These twenty-six individuals will not know who their fellow judges are and all judges who are chosen will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement agreeing not to speak to anyone or to acknowledge being a judge participating in the voting procedures. The twenty-six judges will assemble a panel of five judges to act as their voting committee. The five judges may NOT be a member of the Guild or have any association. The lead judge will not be permitted to encourage or suggest who the other judges are to vote for. They must simply present the passcodes and rules to the panel and let the panel vote at their discretion. The membership must NEVER know who these individuals are.

6. Once the voting committee has been selected, the top ten nominees from each category will be required to submit an exemplar of their work to the President of the Review Committee. Nominees can submit their work in Mp3, Mov, YouTube, CD or DVD formats. The President of the Review Committee will then compile all examplars and will deliver them to members of the voting committee.

7. The voting committee will grade each entry on a scale of 1-10. (10 being the best and 1 being the least favorite). All ballots will be submitted electronically to the Accounting Firm. All votes are final once submitted.

8. Once all 26 members of the voting panel have returned their ballots and ensure that their five panel board has done the same, the head of the accounting firm will calculate all the votes and will narrow them down to the final five nominees and recipient. They will then certify the top five nominees and the winner which will be announced during the awards show broadcast.

9. The final five nominees, along with the winners, will be announced during the awards show and not before. (If you are in the top nominees list, you will not know if you have made it to the final top five until the night of the awards broadcast. Additionally, no artist can be considered in multiple categories without justification and qualification. A new artist cannot be considered for Male or Female Vocalist unless they have achieved substantial media coverage and airplay on mainstream radio outlets that would generate substantial income to the artist.)

10. All nominees are required to be in attendance. Every effort will be made to notify each nominee. Refusal to confirm or inability to contact will result in disqualification of nomination. Only Retro Artists of the Year are permitted to not be in attendance as this award can be given posthumously in many cases or the artist has retired and unable to travel. However, every effort must be given to securing the artists appearance.